While there are now more than a handful of sustainability degree programs offered at universities across the nation, a new program being instituted at Columbia University targets a very specific audience — existing business professionals. The new master’s program in sustainability management is designed to provide comprehensive sustainability training to business professionals and executives who live in the New York City area.

As more companies begin to embrace the importance of sustainability as part of their business model, more sustainability experts are needed. This degree program will open many doors for its graduates as the demand for seasoned business professionals who are knowledgeable about sustainability increases in the coming years.

The Columbia University Earth Institute and the School of Continuing Education are sponsoring the degree program.

“Students in the program will learn sophisticated environmental measurement tools and cutting-edge environmental science to fully understand the systematic and organizational role of sustainability in any organization. This program is ideal for practitioners and aspiring professionals working in organizational management, regulatory compliance, facilities operations, and environmental stewardship.” Source: Columbia University
Since this degree program is geared toward professionals, many of whom may already have a full-time job, Columbia University is offering both full-time and part-time degrees to interested students.

If you’re in the New York City area and are interested in learning more about the new master’s program, Columbia University will be hosting an information session on April 1, at 6:30 p.m. Register for the information session online.

New sustainability degree aimed at professionals
Columbia University’s new master’s degree in Sustainability Management is designed to provide comprehensive sustainability training to professionals in New