Norwich University in Vermont is the nation’s oldest private military university as well as the birthplace of the nation’s ROTC program. The school is also home to a LEED Gold certified dormitory – South Hall. Norwich University’s LEED certification merges two green building trends – LEED certified university buildings and LEED certified military facilities.

South Hall earned 42 points on the LEED v 2.2 certification checklist, putting it squarely in the LEED Gold certification range (Gold buildings need 39-51 points). Construction and design features that helped the facility earn points include diverting 91.5 percent of the construction waste from local landfills, using regionally sourced materials when available and purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates that are equal to 120 percent of the expected energy consumption for the next two years.

Students who live at South Hall and drive a highly fuel-efficient vehicle are treated to preferred parking spots. Recycling centers are located on each floor of the dorm, making it easy for students to recycle. The dorm also uses high-tech windows that are equipped with a sensor that will turn off the heating system when the windows are opened.

Norwich University’s sustainability endeavors go beyond the LEED Gold certified South Hall dormitory. The school is already one of the most energy-efficient college campuses thanks to its advanced centralized building control system, the use of high-efficiency lighting and occupancy sensors, vending machines that turn off at night, and energy-efficient windows in the school dorm’s and other buildings.

The school’s dining hall will be serving Vermont-grown food this harvest season, which compliments Norwich University’s comprehensive composting program. The school also has an expansive recycling program that handles a variety of products including paper, cardboard, metals, plastics, fluorescent bulbs, printer cartridges, used anti-freeze and tires, and more.

Norwich University's LEED Gold dormitory
Norwich University's South Hall dormitory is the first LEED Gold certified facility on the campus of this private military university.