If you own a business and have not embraced the sustainability trend, you need to begin planning your sustainability program now. A new article by Deborah Fleischer answers the question, “Why Being a Green Laggard is Bad for Business.”

To make her case, Fleischer explains that going green will save your company money, it will allow your company more access to capital, and having a comprehensive sustainability program will drive top-line revenues.

Businesses can begin saving money today – changes in energy usage can quickly add up. On the investing front, today’s investors are drawn to socially responsible companies. If your business does not have a sustainability initiative, you are missing out on these financial opportunities.  

“A commitment to sustainability can also drive top-line revenues. It can catalyze innovation, attract the best and brightest talent, inspire new products and increase market share by differentiating products.”  Source:  GreenBiz.com

Fleischer makes a great case for the need for businesses to embrace sustainability, now. The article is the first in a series that will help companies begin creating their sustainability programs. The second part in the series will focus on the topic “You are a Sustainability Director: Now What?” 

Note to businesses, go green now
Although businesses across the world are embracing sustainability, there are still quite a few holdouts.