I have been enamored by Stonehenge since I was a little girl, and if I had to choose a dream job, the position of Stonehenge general manager would be in the running. The historical monument is in need of an employee to fill the newly created position. If you're interested you need to act quickly because the job position closes on May 5, 2013.

So what does a Stonehenge general manager do? The official job posting lists a few of the responsibilities, including: 

  • Manage a team of 80 employees and 100 volunteers
  • Ensure top-notch customer service
  • Oversee summer and winter solstice gatherings as well as other seasonal events
  • Manage a tourist population of more than 1.25 million by the 2016-17 season
Stonehenge is about 4,000 years old so why the need for a general manager now? According to English Heritage, the organization that oversees Stonehenge, "This year marks a new dawn for Stonehenge. At the end of 2013, new galleries and visitor facilities worthy of the monument's significance will open and the A344 road which severs the ancient processional avenue to Stonehenge and cuts it off from the wider landscape will be closed. By spring 2014, the Stonehenge landscape will be restored to a more tranquil and dignified setting."

The salary for the position is £65,000 or around $101,000. If this is the job for you, apply online today. If Stonehenge is too predictable for you, perhaps this position for a polar bear spotter in Norway is more your speed?

Now hiring: Stonehenge general manager
Do you have a penchant for managing the tourists who want to see some of the world's most famous stones?