Earlier this month the federal government reported that 30,000 jobs (thus far) have been created, or were saved, due to Recovery Act funding. Since a variety of clean energy projects received funding, there is no doubt that some of these jobs were in the renewable energy sector. As clean energy projects continue to receive Recovery Act funding, these projects are poised to play an important role in the nation’s economic recovery. During a recent speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), President Obama stressed the importance of funding clean energy projects that will provide good, green jobs for Americans.

Here is an excerpt from President Obama’s speech:

“The Recovery Act includes $80 billion to put tens of thousands of Americans to work developing new battery technologies for hybrid vehicles; modernizing the electric grid; making our homes and businesses more energy efficient; doubling our capacity to generate renewable electricity. These are creating private-sector jobs weatherizing homes; manufacturing cars and trucks; upgrading to smart electric meters; installing solar panels; assembling wind turbines; building new facilities and factories and laboratories all across America. And, by the way, helping to finance extraordinary research.” Source: White House

As the overall economy begins to improve, but the unemployment rate continues to grow, it is important that steps be taken to get Americans back to work. Clean energy projects can help address a major issue that the nation currently faces, the very real possibility of a jobless recovery.

Photo: jamesomalley/Flickr

Obama’s clean energy speech at MIT
During a recent speech at MIT, President Obama spoke about the important role that clean energy technology will play in the nation's economic recovery.