On Tuesday, voters across the nation will head to the polls and the state of the economy is undoubtedly on many voters’ minds. In his final weekly address before the 2010 midterm elections, President Obama asks Republicans to set aside partisan politics and focus on the economy.

The president discussed ways to help grow the nation’s economy including new infrastructure, clean energy industry growth and supporting entrepreneurship.

“On these issues – issues that will determine our success or failure in this new century – I believe it’s the fundamental responsibility of all who hold elective office to seek out common ground.  It may not always be easy to find agreement; at times we’ll have legitimate philosophical differences.  And it may not always be the best politics.  But it is the right thing to do for our country."
"That’s why I found the recent comments by the top two Republican in Congress so troubling.  The Republican leader of the House actually said that “this is not the time for compromise.”  And the Republican leader of the Senate said his main goal after this election is simply to win the next one”

The election isn’t simply a game that needs to be won. This is the time for compromise and our country’s leaders do need to put aside partisan politics and definitely focus on the economy.

Photo: The White House/Flickr