With the transfer of power in the House of Representatives after Tuesday’s midterm elections, environmental advocates are concerned about climate legislation and the nation’s growing green economy. I’m personally concerned about what the elections will mean for green jobs in our nation.

During a Wednesday afternoon news conference, President Obama briefly touched on these concerns:

“But what I think the American people are expecting, and what we owe them, is to focus on those issues that affect their jobs, their security, and their future:  reducing our deficit, promoting a clean energy economy, making sure that our children are the best educated in the world, making sure that we’re making the investments in technology that will allow us to keep our competitive edge in the global economy.”

He also voiced his continued support for research and development investments, even in the clean energy industry, because these investments could lead to direct job creation here in the United States.

Although I try to remain optimistic, I’m a bit concerned about how the green jobs movement and the nation’s growing green economy will fare in the coming years.

Obama: Continue focus on a clean energy economy
In a post-election news conference, President Obama stated that the government should continue its focus on jobs, including a clean energy economy.