President Obama’s American Jobs Act Bus Tour keeps on trucking on. Yesterday, the president stopped at Fire Station #9 in North Chesterfield, Virginia to give a speech about the urgent need for Congress to do something to help solve the nation’s ongoing unemployment crisis. As has been the case with his previous speeches, President Obama continued to focus on how the American Jobs Act can benefit the public service and safety sectors.


“The problem is that state and local governments have been very hard pressed, and so they are cutting back on firefighters, police officers, teachers.  And that’s one of the biggest challenges we have -- not only because these folks sacrifice for us and provide extraordinary service to us, but also they go to restaurants and they go to the hardware store and they pay a mortgage.  And so if folks in the -- if we’ve got firefighters or police officers or teachers who are being laid off, that hurts the small business person down the street.  That means that somebody may have their home foreclosed on, and that brings property values down for everybody.   “ Source: The White House


Photo: The White House/Flickr

Obama continues focus on jobs bill
A fire station in North Chesterfield, Virginia was the sixth stop in President Obama's American Jobs Act Bus Tour.