Today, President Obama visited Savannah Technical College in Georgia to discuss the importance of green jobs and a clean energy economy. Today’s visit was the latest stop in the White House to Main Street tour. While the president took the time to formally address the crowd, he also took some time out of his day to visit with students enrolled in an alternative energy program at the school.

In this raw footage, you can see Obama chatting with the students, learning more about what they are doing, and discussing his plans for clean energy and green jobs. What I enjoyed was the look on the students’ faces — what an honor for them to actually get a chance to meet with the president of the United States in such an informal setting.

In addition to meeting with students, Obama also meet with business owners to discuss the unemployment woes that Georgia residents face. Georgia’s unemployment rate is in the double digits, above the national unemployment rate. In his speech, Obama discussed the business owners’ concerns reaffirming that one of his focal points for the coming year will be “to lay a foundation for economic growth that will create jobs, that raises incomes, that will foster a secure economic future for middle-class families.”

Part of these new jobs will no doubt come from the government’s investments in green jobs training programs, including the grant responsible for the Savannah Tech training program. Thanks to funding from the Recovery Act, YouthBuild was able to go in and provide green jobs training to area residents. This training will help these youth find not just a job, but a career, and help push the nation closer to a green economy.

Obama discusses green jobs in Georgia
President Obama visited Savannah Technical College to discuss the importance of green jobs during his latest stop on the White House to Main Street tour.