If you support President Obama’s American Jobs Act, then take a few minutes out of your day and call your senators this week. That is the message the president conveyed during his weekly address. The Senate is scheduled to vote on the plan this week and if you support his plan, call your senators and urge them to turn this “do-nothing Congress” into a “do-something Congress.”


"Right now, hundreds of thousands of teachers and firefighters and police officers have been laid off because of state budget cuts.  This jobs bill will put a lot of these men and women back to work. Right now, there are millions of laid-off construction workers who could be repairing our bridges and roads and modernizing our schools. Why wouldn’t we want to put these men and women to work rebuilding America?"


Obama is also calling on senators who don’t support the plan to explain why they don’t and offer a viable alternative. Again, the president just wants Congress to do something — something actionable so that the public, you and I, will know that the fate of the nation’s economy is more important than playing political games.


Photo: The White House/Flickr

Obama urges action on his jobs plan
President Obama urges Americans who support the American Jobs Act to call their senators this week.