As the midterm elections get closer, President Obama continues to talk about the economy in the backyards of America. His most recent backyard speech, which was held in Seattle, focused on women and the economy. It turns out that the recession was worse on men than it was on women, mainly because the male-dominated construction industry was hit hard by the recent recession.

“But what’s interesting is that the economy has changed where women have made such enormous strides that they now constitute fully half of the workforce. They actually constitute probably more than half of the money that’s coming in to middle-class families. And business, small business owners, are now a much higher proportion women than they used to be.”

Obviously female workers have made significant strides in workplace equality over the past few decades, but as a nation we need to ensure that this trend continues as we focus on growing a green economy here in the United States.

Watch President Obama’s other backyard speeches on the economy:

Photo: stefrich823/Flickr
Obama's backyard speech on the economy: Part 3
President Obama returned to his backyard speech tour, this time discussing women and the economy in Seattle, Washington.