What better way to celebrate your 49th birthday than to discuss the economy? Okay, I can certainly think of better ways to celebrate a birthday but with the state of the economy weighing heavy on everyone’s minds, it really shouldn’t be surprising that President Obama spoke about the economy on his 49th birthday.

Here are a few highlights from Obama’s speech at a meeting of the AFL-CIO Executive Council:

  • The middle class has been struggling for a decade.
  • Change is in the works but it will take time to reverse all that has happened over the past decade.
  • Outsourcing of manufacturing jobs led people into the construction industry.
  • The subprime mortgage crisis hit and millions of Americans found themselves unemployed.
  • The recession is having an effect on state and local tax revenues, which is affecting our public services.
  • The nation is working towards a clean energy economy that could employ millions.
  • Republicans need to stop blocking legislation that could improve our economy.
Watch the video or read the official transcript to find out what else President Obama had to say about the economy during his birthday speech.

Photo: jurvetson/Flickr

Obama's birthday speech on the economy
President Obama celebrated his 49th birthday by discussing the economy with the AFL-CIO Executive Council.