Although the topic of green jobs is making headlines daily, many people may find themselves asking, “what is a green job?” The problem with this question is that the answer is subjective. You are likely to get a different definition from each person that you ask.

Politicians in Oregon are running into this problem, as well. Yesterday, the Oregon House of Representatives were trying to narrow down industries and positions that would qualify as a “green job” during a debate on HB3300.

HB3300 “instructs State Workforce Investment Board to develop plan for initiative to promote growth of green jobs. Requires plan to identify high demand green industries and promote certain workforce development activities to promote growth of green jobs. Requires board to define terms related to green jobs and green economy.” Source: Oregon State Legislature (PDF)

That last sentence is what is throwing the Oregon State Legislature for a loop.

Photo by hisks

Oregon politicians try to define green jobs
The definition of green jobs is definitely subjective and politicians in Oregon are trying to define them as part of the state's HB3300.