Founded in 1982 as Co-op America, Green America is a 501(c)3 organization that focuses on the environment including sustainability issues, fair trade practices and promotion of eco-conscious businesses. Green America Executive Director Alisa Gravitz and others met with the Obama Transition Team on January 12 to discuss the organization's priorities for the coming year.

One of the five proposals presented to the team was the Green Business Expansion Fund:

"We proposed this new fund for small business grants and loans made to green companies so that they can survive, thrive and create more green jobs during this economic crisis.  And we'd like to see small business grants and loans for all businesses to help them go green – and hire all those people getting trained for green jobs. "Source: Green America Newsletter

This priority falls in line with the Obama Administration's plans to boost the economy through the creation of green collar jobs.  As the inauguration nears, the Obama Transition Team is meeting with organizations and advocacy groups from across the nation to find out what Americans want to see happen in the early days of this administration. 

The topic of green jobs is coming up repeatedly as one answer to our financial woes that will have both immediate and long-term positive environmental and economic impacts.

Photo by jurvetson

Organization proposes small business loans
Green America met with the Obama Transition Team to discuss priorities.