The task of helping address the downturn in the world economy as well as helping to solve the climate change problem is something that can be addressed simultaneously by the creation of more green jobs.  The University of Pennsylvania's world-renowned Wharton School is collaborating with the university's School of Arts and Sciences to offer a dual master in business administration (MBA) and environmental studies.

“Wharton is very pleased to establish this new multi-disciplinary degree that advances educational goals in both the business and environmental studies disciplines,” said Eric Orts, a professor of legal studies and business ethics and director of the Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership at Penn/Wharton. “It is a good example of the Penn Compact’s promise to integrate knowledge across disciplines.”  Source:  University of Pennsylvania

Students who choose to pursue this dual degree program can expect to finish in three years or less and will find themselves prepared to work in business management but with an emphasis on environmental issues.

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Penn offers dual green MBA
The Wharton School offers students the opportunity to earn a dual green MBA.