When you walk up to a building that has both a revolving door and a traditional swing door, which do you choose? Chances are, you’re in the majority and choose the traditional swing door. According to this SlateV video, one MIT research study showed that more than 75 percent of the patrons entering a building avoided the revolving door.

However, using the revolving door is much more energy efficient than the traditional swing door. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but an MIT research team put this to the test. Yes, using that revolving door lets less of the outside air in and thus, the building doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain its optimal climate control setting.

So, next time you approach a building with a revolving door and a traditional swing door, please use the revolving door. The building owners will be thankful.

Photo: gwydionwilliams/Flickr

Please use the revolving door
Using the revolving door in a building is more energy efficient than using a standard swing door.