Today, CEOs, organization leaders, and others joined President Obama at the White House to brainstorm about the nation’s unemployment crisis. In addition to the White House event, the Obama administration is encouraging community leaders from across the nation to hold their own community jobs forum. The ideas brainstormed in the community meetings will then be compiled and presented to President Obama.

Tomorrow, as a follow-up to today’s event, President Obama will be visiting two Allentown, Pennsylvania small businesses to see how they are managing to stay afloat despite the nation’s economy. Obama will visit Egypt Star Bakery and Applied Separations, Inc, a company that provides training for individuals in the green tech industry.

In advance of the visit, the White House released a video of the two small businesses and the sacrifices that they’ve had to make to keep their doors open.

President Obama heads to Allentown
President Obama will visit Allentown, PA to see how two small businesses are faring despite the economy.