After last Friday's unemployment report was published, our nation extended our streak of continuous months with net job growth from four to five. Granted, the vast majority of the jobs gained in May 2010 were due to Census 2010 workers, there was still a gain in employment that month. Overall, the nation has added approximately 500,000 new non-Census 2010 jobs so far this year.

During a speech at K'Neal International Trucks, Inc in Hyattsville, Maryland, President Obama praised the five-month job growth streak but commented that he understands that the recession is not over for the millions of unemployed Americans. As of Friday, that figure remained relatively unchanged at 15 million unemployed individuals in our country.

Photo: egadapparel/Flickr

President Obama praises 5 months of job growth
Although 2010 has gotten off to a better start than 2009 with five months in a row of net job growth, the President does realize that the recession is not over