Despite the closing numbers from Wall Street, the nation is still facing an economic crisis. A jobless recovery is looming — the GDP is rebounding, but the nation’s unemployment rate is still looming close to a near 30-year record high. Although unemployment rates are out of the double digits, they aren’t improving as quickly as many would hope. Today, President Obama signed the HIRE Act, which is designed to stimulate job growth by offering private businesses incentives for hiring new workers.

While the HIRE Act isn’t limited to only green jobs, the President has continued his dedication to transforming our nation to a clean energy economy by committing to municipal bond reform that will help fund clean energy projects. This reform will be part of the Build America Bonds program, which was launched with the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Due to the health care reform issue, partisanship is strong among today’s legislators. President Obama touched on this topic during his speech.

“After all, the jobs bill I’m signing today -- and our broader efforts to achieve a recovery -- aren’t about politics.  They’re not about Democrat versus Republican.  This isn’t a game that we’re playing here.  They’re about the people in this country who are out of work and looking for a job; they’re about all the Americans -- of every race and region and age -- who’ve shared their stories with me over the last year.” Source: White House

Photo: jurvetson