I have a to-do list, in fact I have several to-do lists categorized by topic. It looks like the members of Congress are joining me in the things-to-do department because President Obama has created a to-do list for our nation’s top legislators. Unfortunately for members of Congress, their to-do list is going to be a lot more difficult to work through than mine.


Items included in President Obama’s to-do list for Congress include:


  • Stop giving tax breaks to companies that outsource jobs overseas
  • Help Americans that have never been late on their mortgage refinance at today’s record low interest rates
  • Expand tax breaks for small businesses that hire more wages and pay these employees a higher wage
  • Extend clean energy tax credits, including the production tax credit
  • Create a Veterans Job Corps

Alright Congress, you have your list, its time to get started!


Photo: Courtney Dirks/Flickr

President Obama's to-do list for Congress
President Obama has tasked Congress with addressing five items on his new to-do list.