President Obama will be signing the nearly $800 billion stimulus package today.  The President is in Denver and the signing ceremony will take place at the solar-powered Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

The choice of the museum is likely to underscore the green jobs impact that the stimulus will have, especially in Colorado.  On CNN this morning, a reported commented that the stimulus bill is expected to create or save 60,000 jobs in Colorado, alone.  Many of these jobs will be green jobs.  Additionally, the CEO of a solar panel manufacturing company will attend at the signing.

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has a massive solar installation that helps provide power to the museum.  There are 465 solar panels installed on two corners of the roof and the museum has an interactive, online tool that allows you to see how much energy is being produced by the array.

For more information on the stimulus package, read Details of U.S. stimulus spending.

Photo by egadapparel

President signing stimulus in Denver
The solar-powered Denver Museum of Nature & Science will be center stage today as the stimulus bill is signed.