Although Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans nearly four years ago, many segments of the city have not been rebuilt yet. The Louisiana Green Corps and the Alliance for Affordable Energy have joined forces to help rebuild New Orleans with energy efficient housing. In order to provide skilled workers for these projects, the organizations have created a 14-week training program to provide green jobs training for the youth of the city.

Green jobs training programs for at-risk youth have received a lot of attention, as well as funding, from the Obama administration. In order to help spread the word about the New Orleans’ program, the two organizations created a rap video, which was uploaded to YouTube last week.

The “Going Green” video shows members of the Louisiana Green Corps providing weatherization upgrades to houses in the city. The video is a great motivational tool targeted at getting the at-risk youth of the city into a green collar job in just a few short months. After completing the 14-week training series, graduates of the program will be prepared to start either an apprenticeship or gain entry-level employment.

The Louisiana Green Corps is part of the Conservation Corps of Greater New Orleans (CCGNO). “Participating CCGNO project sites will collaboratively train up to 800 court involved youth annually in the Greater New Orleans Area. The Corps is based on a Civic Justice Corps model that educates and trains court involved youth through proposing, leading, implementing, and exhibiting projects to communities in need. “ Source: LA Green Corps

This program is just one of many programs across the country aimed at providing a pathway out of poverty for our nation’s at-risk youth.

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Rap video encourages youth to go green
The Louisiana Green Corps and the Alliance for Affordable Energy have joined forces to create a rap video advertising a green jobs training program in New Orlea