Last month, I posted a video in which Emmanuel Hales explains the Green Jobs Act of 2007 which will be funded with 2009 Recovery Act dollars. Hales read the entire Recovery Act and is producing short video segments to explain key parts of the act.

For his second installment, Hales focuses on the $5 billion set aside for energy efficient upgrades on low-income housing. The goal for the first year is 1 million projects completed; this provides an opportunity for energy auditors as well as energy weatherization contractors to go to work now. One benefit of the jobs created by this funding is that they are not all highly technical in nature and training can be provided to expand the workforce.

In the video, Hales recommends that viewers go to the Department of Energy website to see if they qualify for a weatherization upgrade. Here’s the direct link: 2009 Poverty Income Guidelines and Definition of Income (PDF).

Photo by PinkMoose

Recovery Act explained: Weatherization projects
Emmanuel Hales discusses the $5 billion set aside for weatherization projects in the Recovery Act.