Nonprofits rely on donations and grants to operate.  Charitable giving goes down during trying economic times but the nonprofits still need these funds to continue providing their services.  First Choice Power, an energy provider in Texas, has awarded more than $25,000 to 26 Texas nonprofits as part of the 2008 Reduce Your Use Grants project. 

"Reduce Your Use Grants help our community partners decrease their energy use, be more energy efficient and have resources for their mission and clients," said Michael Swart, vice president of marketing for First Choice Power. "There also is a long-term benefit for our nonprofit partners as Reduce Your Use Grants are for energy savings now and in the future."  Source: PR Newswire

Several libraries, children's charities, parks and museums were among the recipients of the 2008 grants.  A few examples of how the nonprofits plan to use their funds are given including new attic insulation for a residential group home and an ENERGY STAR refrigerator for the Brazoria County Historical Museum.  The North Montague County Historical Society and Museum will be taking advantage of the push towards solar power and will be installing solar-powered lighting in its outdoor areas.

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Reduce your use grants
Texas-based First Choice Power awards grants to help nonprofits reduce energy usage.