As the wars in the Middle East wind down, more veterans are returning to the civilian workforce. With more veterans seeking jobs, several new programs have cropped up with the specific aim of helping these veterans transition from military life to a civilian job. One new program is taking this focus a step further and is working specifically with wounded veterans, the Wounded Warrior Career Development Program (WWCP).

WWCP is a new program at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico. The program hires wounded veterans for a one- to three-year period with the possibility of permanent employment at the end of the program period.

The combat-injured veterans gain valuable technical skills while in the program and although a college degree is not required, all program participants must pursue higher education while working at Sandia Labs.

“We are looking for highly motivated people who want to continue serving the nation and national security and have a passion to continue to improve themselves in skills and education,” Peery said. “Through their job, they gain training and experience while making contributions to national security.” Source: Sandia Labs

This isn’t a large-scale program; only four people have been hired so far with three more in the application process. However, this is a program that can have a positive and life-changing impact on its participants. Eventually, the program hopes to support six to 10 combat-injured veterans each year.

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Sandia Labs launches wounded vet career program
The national laboratory is working with wounded military veterans to prepare them for the civilian workforce.