The topic of green jobs has branched out beyond eco-focused websites and is a mainstay on more mainstream news sites.  At first, a lot of the coverage seemed to be gung ho – green the economy now and help fix the economy and the environment in one fell swoop.

Then, a Spanish report was published that showed that for every green job that was created in Spain, 2.2 non-green jobs were lost.  The Spanish study garnered some minor coverage here in the United States and then faded away.  Once Fox News jumped on the topic with a vengeance, the report was brought back to the forefront.  

In that same vein, a new report has been released by Missouri Senator Kit Bond that urges Americans to use caution with green jobs.  In the report, “Yellow Light on Green Jobs”, lawmakers are cautioned to not replace existing jobs in order to create new green jobs.

“The Yellow Light on Green Jobs report reveals that many green jobs do not offer wages needed to support U.S. families.  A coalition of labor and environmental groups found that state and local governments were spending tens of millions of dollars to subsidize only a few hundred green jobs, which were paying as low as $13 to $15 dollars per hour, not much above the federal poverty wage of $10 per hour.”  Source: Senator Kit Bond

The report, which has been met with much fanfare, is a single page document.  I expected far more information based on some of the news reports that I’ve read on the topic.  Perhaps there is another report out there that is longer but I can’t find it.  As it stands now, I feel as though this is just another shining example of partisan politics.

Check out the report for yourself – Yellow Light on Green Jobs (PDF).

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Senator urges caution with green jobs
Missouri Sen. Kit Bond releases the Yellow Light on Green Jobs report.