When Solyndra filed for bankruptcy earlier this month, green jobs naysayers had just the controversy they needed. The anti-green jobs movement has seen a surge in publicity lately, but thankfully there are still bits and pieces of good green jobs news out there.


Small business owners should embrace green jobs

Small businesses are often called the backbone of our nation’s economy. If we can get small business owners to start hiring again, then the nation should see a consistent drop in unemployment rates. While small business owners may be reluctant to hire right now, they are even more reluctant to break into clean energy economy industries. In this post on Forbes.com, Case Western Reserve University associate professor tackles the topic in “Why Small Businesses Should Be Adding More Green Jobs.”


Community colleges in Illinois land a $6 million grant

Although the Solyndra deal is causing problems with a SolarCity federal loan guarantee, there is still green-related funding available. The College of Lake County and 16 other community colleges in the state of Illinois have received a $6 million grant to develop and implement an online green jobs training program.


Louisiana poised for green jobs growth

Results from a Louisiana Workforce Commission study reveal that Louisiana is likely to see a green jobs boom over the next decade. The study predicts that green jobs in the state will grow by 13.8 percent while the job market in general is only expected to grow by 8 percent.


Green jobs featured at a career fair

With the unemployment rate sitting near 9 percent, cities across the nation are seeing interest in job fairs rise. Visitors to one Syracuse, N.Y., job fair may have noticed something a bit different today — the majority of jobs being featured are eco-friendly.

Sharing some good green jobs news
Although Solyndra's bankruptcy is fueling negative green jobs news reports, there are still some positive stories to share.