Just a few short weeks ago, The Princeton Review named its choices for the 2010 Green Rating Honor Roll. Fifteen of the nearly 700 colleges that The Princeton Review ranked scored 99 points, the maximum available points available. Those 15 colleges were named to the 2010 Green Rating Honor Roll.

Now, Sierra magazine has published its Cool Schools list, a different type of green college recognition. “For Sierra's third annual ranking of planet-preserving colleges and universities, we e-mailed a lengthy questionnaire to sustainability experts at hundreds of schools. The survey covered eight categories: efficiency, energy, food, academics, purchasing, transportation, waste management and administration.” Source: Sierra Club

The schools were then rated based on a maximum score of 100. After tabulating all of the results, the University of Colorado at Boulder came out on top with 100 points. The school earned the maximum available points in the transportation and waste management categories.

The top 20 Sierra magazine Cool Schools list includes the following schools, ranked in order of their scores:

  1. University of Colorado at Boulder
  2. University of Washington at Seattle
  3. Middlebury College
  4. University of Vermont
  5. College of the Atlantic
  6. Evergreen State College
  7. University of California at Santa Cruz
  8. University of California at Berkeley
  9. University of California at Los Angeles
  10. Oberlin College
  11. Harvard University
  12. University of New Hampshire
  13. Arizona State University at Tempe
  14. Yale University
  15. University of Florida at Gainesville
  16. Bates College
  17. Willamette University
  18. Warren Wilson College
  19. Dickinson College
  20. New York University
There are a several institutions that made both The Princeton Review list as well as the Sierra magazine list including Arizona State University at Tempe, Evergreen State College, Harvard University, and the University of California at Berkeley.

In my post about The Princeton Review’s list, readers chimed in with the schools that they feel should have been included in the green college honor roll. Several readers commented that Warren Wilson College should have made the list as the school raises its own organic food and livestock. I hope that they see this list as Warren Wilson College, located in Asheville, NC, made the Sierra Magazine list with a score of 92/100.

For more information on how the schools were scored, including a list of the 135 colleges that were ranked, visit Sierra Magazine’s Cool Schools feature.

Photo by AMagill

Sierra magazine's top green colleges
The University of Colorado at Boulder tops <i>Sierra</i> magazine's 2009 Cool Schools list.