Earlier today I wrote about Solyndra’s bankruptcy throwing a wrench into SolarCity’s plan to upgrade military housing with new solar panel systems. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding Solyndra, specifically the federal loan guarantee, is also likely to cause problems with the green jobs movement. In fact, it already has.


The uncertainty surrounding SolarCity’s SolarStrong project could prevent the creation of hundreds if not thousands of new green jobs. These are the types of jobs that President Obama has been referencing in his speeches over the past few weeks – jobs that put construction workers back to work on projects that will benefit both the community and help the nation’s unemployment rate.


Solyndra’s ordeal has even drawn the attention of Jon Stewart. The solar company and the nation’s emerging clean energy economy made a special appearance in a new segment on Stewart’s September 15, 2011 edition of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.



Of course fans of Stewart know that his show isn’t exactly the best news resource out there, but when something is in the spotlight then it is easy fodder for Jon Stewart. If Solyndra doesn’t make the green jobs movement easy fodder then I don’t know what else would.


This is all really unfortunate, though. In theory, green jobs are great; they provide well-paying jobs for millions of Americans while minimizing our nation’s impact on the environment. Too bad the political climate in Washington is not only causing problems for the green jobs movement but also delaying the nation’s economic recovery. Who knows, maybe Solyndra would be in a better position if the economy recovered more quickly. In the meantime, the green jobs movement is facing an uphill battle.

Solyndra's effect on the green jobs movement
Solyndra's bankruptcy could cause problems for the green jobs movement in the U.S.