I was reading the Green Inc. Blog on the NY Times website and came across an article by Kate Galbraith explaining the troubles that some companies in the wind industry are being hit hard by the current state of the economy.

Two of the companies mentioned in the article are D.M.I. Industries based out of North Dakota and L.M. Glasfiber (headquartered in Denmark.)  D.M.I. Industries is reducing its workforce by 20% and L.M. Glasfiber let go of 150 employees in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Companies involved in the wind industry are some of the likely benefactors of the push for eco-friendly jobs in the upcoming administration.  However, these layoffs are a step in the wrong direction for the projection of up to four million new green jobs between now and 2038.

As President-elect Barack Obama is inaugurated tomorrow as the nation’s 44th President, he already has his hands full. His primary focus is the state of the nation’s economy and he has repeatedly stated that increasing green jobs is one of his top economic recovery priorities.  Employees and businesses in the green industry are waiting anxiously to see how this year turns out.

Some with green jobs facing layoffs
Despite the Obama administration's focus on green jobs, some in the wind industry are facing layoffs.