Fox News appears to have totally latched itself onto a questionable Spanish study that claims that for every green job created in Spain, 2.2 “regular” jobs were lost.  Yesterday, Professor Gabriel Calzada, author of the study, appeared on the Glenn Beck Show.  His appearance is just adding fuel to Fox’s “anti-green jobs” fire.

The Institute for Energy Research (IER) uploaded the video to their YouTube page not long after the segment appeared on Fox News yesterday. The IER objects to the institution of a cap-and-trade program in the United States and has a list of eight reasons why such a program is harmful to the economy and the job force.  It is not surprising that the IER published this video on their website as it supports their cause.

The Spanish study is considered questionable as Professor Calzada “is reportedly a founding member of the Prague Network," which, according to Radio Prague, is "an international grouping of institutions aimed at countering panic connected with global warming," or that Calzada is reportedly a fellow at the Centre for the New Europe, an organization that has reportedly received funding from ExxonMobil.”  Source: Media Matters 

Honestly, the use of this Spanish study as the basis for so many anti-green jobs segments on Fox News is getting quite tiresome.  

Photo by Al Pavangkanan