Several weeks ago, I posted about a Spanish study that suggests green jobs will come at the cost of non-green jobs.  The Bloomberg article that I cited in my Green jobs at what cost? post was from March 27.  Fast forward to this week and I’m suddenly seeing a surge in news alerts about this Spanish study.

It seems that some (people, organizations, news networks) have decided to take this study and use it to discredit President Obama’s call for a green jobs movement.  The latest news alert that came across my email is from Media Matters for America.  The authors of the article, Fox News pushing questionable Spanish study on green jobs, are upset with Fox News reporter Shannon Bream’s piece on the study.

“Fox News' Shannon Bream touted a Spanish study on green jobs to cast doubt on President Obama's proposal to fund green energy, without noting criticism of the study or that the study's author is reportedly a founding member of a group "aimed at countering panic connected with global warming."  Source: Media Matters for America

The authors of the article on the Media Matters blog go on to discuss more of the uproar that this study has caused here in the U.S. media market.

Photo by microboy