Starbucks has been applauded for its sustainability measures by MNN bloggers before.  The company has plans to reduce the waste generated by disposable coffee cups and also revamped their menu to include healthier options for consumers.  So the company is greening up what’s inside their stores, but now they have plans to build more green stores.

Last week, Starbucks announced its new store design strategy.  The company plans to achieve LEED certification for all newly built company-owned locations beginning next year.  Renovated stores will also be built with green design features in mind including locally sourced and recycled products.

“We recognize the importance of continuously evolving with our customers’ interests, lifestyles and values in order to stay relevant over the long term,” said Arthur Rubinfeld, president, Starbucks Global Development. “Our new design approach will allow customers to feel truly at home when visiting their local store and give them opportunities for discovery at our other locations around the world.”  Source: Starbucks

In addition to the LEED certification goal, the company plans to increase energy efficiency of existing buildings, increase the use of renewable energy sources, and provide onsite recycling opportunities.

Three LEED registered stores; two in Seattle and one in Paris, France were built to feature the company’s new design features.  The store at Paris’ Disney Village uses reclaimed materials, a countertop made from recycled mobile phones, and recycled rubber mats.   

Starbucks is LEEDing the way
If all goes according to plan, all new company-operated Starbucks stores will be LEED certified by 2010.