The State of Washington is embracing green building. The Pacific Northwest is already known for having a welcoming attitude towards environmentally friendly actions, including green building, but the state is going one step further – helping educate citizens about green buildings and green jobs.

The Washington Department of Ecology’s Green Building Group and the Department of General Administration joined forces on a film: Green Building: Jobs of the Future. Green building and green jobs go hand in hand as part of the solution to the nation’s environmental and economic crises. This video will help citizens learn more about how green building and green jobs will help the state prosper.

The Green Building Group is willing to set up viewing events in communities across the state including at schools, businesses, and to community groups. In addition to the video viewing event, the department can also set up a panel discussion for a question and answer discussion.

While the topic of green building and even green jobs can be intimidating to some, the State of Washington is going the extra mile to ensure that its citizens understand these two trends and help move the state towards a green economy.

Photo: dherrera_96

State of Washington embraces green building
The Washington Department of Ecology's Green Building Group’s film, Green Building: Jobs of the Future, helps educate citizens about the benefits of green bu