Green DMV is a Washington, D.C.-area nonprofit organization that focuses on promoting jobs in the clean energy industry as a pathway out of poverty. DMV does not stand for Division of Motor Vehicles (as I originally thought); instead it stands for D.C., Maryland and Virginia – the areas where the group focuses its effort.

Recently, Green DMV cofounder Rhon Hayes appeared on a D.C.-based television program to discuss the importance of clean energy jobs. Despite many green jobs naysayers, Hayes says a sustainable future is within reach if we just put our minds to it.

By providing funding towards green collar jobs training programs, low-income families are able to obtain gainful employment and begin to close the financial gap. Due to the recession, high unemployment rates, and the focus on green collar jobs as a part of the solution to the economic and environmental problems, many Americans are in a position to switch careers with government-sponsored training programs.

This need is greater in low-income and minority areas as unemployment among minorities is significantly higher than the overall unemployment rate. Organizations like Green DMV will help provide people with the skills to start a career that will support them as the nation switches to a green collar economy.

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Sustainable future within reach
Rhon Hayes, cofounder of Green DMV, says a sustainable future is within reach if we just put our minds to it.