It’s that time again – time for children to skip school and head into the workplace to get a better idea of what their parents and other working adults do all day. Tomorrow, April 25, is the 20th annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work day. This year’s theme is “Work in Progress.”

“’Work In Progress’ is a celebration of the renewed success of the program year after year, and the encouragement each of you has provided to make that happen. It is also a chance for us to mark what has become a very special contribution to the American workforce and students by educating and empowering youth and providing them with experiences they might not have had otherwise.”

The theme also looks to the future, encouraging today’s children to chase their dreams.

I love this program because it focuses on all children, not just an employee’s own children. Volunteers are encouraged to go out into the community so that children that live in shelters and housing authorities can participate. Childfree individuals can also join in the fun – invite a neighbor’s child, a niece, a nephew or even a friend’s child.

Years ago I recall a bit of backlash about the fact that this occurs on a school day. Yes, school is a very important part of our children’s lives but the way the day is designed, it is a useful supplement to a standard day’s education.

The day always occurs on the fourth Thursday in April so schools, employers and others in the community can prepare ahead of time. Additionally, the experiences the children have on Thursday can be shared with teachers and classmates on Friday, further expanding the program’s reach.

My children haven’t participated in the day because until recently, they were younger than the target ages of 8 – 18 years old. Now that my children are in that age range, my husband and I don’t work in a traditional office space nor do we have a workplace that we can actually visit. Perhaps next year I will find a volunteer that can mentor my children for the day, giving them the opportunity to participate in this event.

For more information, visit the official Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work website.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work 2013
Children across the nation will go to work with their parents tomorrow, April 25, 2013.