The Obama administration is reaching out to the American public, you and I, to help solve the jobs crisis. In this video, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Nancy-Ann DeParle discusses the American Jobs Act and then invites anyone with a plan to submit their idea directly to the White House.


The White House is taking your ideas via the Advise the Advisor website. Simply fill out the following questions on the form and your information will be submitted to White House staff for review:


  • What do we, as a nation, need to focus on in order to get our economy back on track?
  • What actions should President Obama take right now to help achieve the goal mentioned above?
  • What can community groups, non-profits, state and local governments, companies or individuals do to help achieve this goal?

Do you have an idea that might help boost job creation in the country?


Photo: stevendamron/Flickr

Tell the White House your job creation plan
If you know of a great way to help boost job creation in the nation, let the White House know.