TerraCycle has been featured many times here on Mother Nature Network. This creative company upcycles used product packaging into consumer goods sold at huge nationwide chains like Home Depot and Wal-Mart. Last year, the company signed a deal with Kraft Foods, and one of their products takes old Oreo bags and turns them into fully functioning messenger bags.

Just a few weeks ago, TerraCycle inked a new deal, this time with Frito-Lay. Used Lay’s chip bags are already being turned into totes and two-pocket folders, but the company is also developing an upcycling process to make green building products.

That’s right, that bag of Baked Lay’s that you’re munching on might eventually be a part of the green building revolution. Since the green building products are still in the development stage, TerraCycle is understandably tight-lipped about the specifics. However, once more details become available, I’ll be sure to post an update.   

So how exactly will TerraCycle get these used chip bags? Bags will be gathered through Chip Bag Brigades.

“The company is asking consumers to form Chip Bag Brigades; for every bag a brigade collects and sends to TerraCycle, Frito-Lay will donate two cents to their charity of choice. Initially, there will be 1,000 collection sites and more are expected to be added during the year. The goal of the program is to engage at least 150,000 people and divert more than 5 million bags from landfills. Consumers can learn more about forming Chip Bag Brigades at www.fritolay.com/terracycle.”  Source: TerraCycle

Although this is a fairly new program, there are only 43 out of the original 1,000 spots left in the TerraCycle/Frito-Lay program. For more information, read the Frito-Lay Chip Brigade FAQ.

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TerraCycle expanding into green building
TerraCycle is developing a process to upcycle Frito-Lay bags into green building products.