Ask any working mom what she needs most from her job and you'll hear one answer — flexibility. A flexible schedule allows a mom to stay home with a sick kid, attend her child's school field trips, and be home when the kids get home from school — all while turning out creative, productive, and motivated work when she's on the clock. So it's no wonder that flexibility is now considered a must-have for companies hoping to make Working Mother magazine's annual list of 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers.  


Each year, Working Mother ranks companies based on their answers to roughly 650 questions about workforce representation, paid time off, child care, flexibility programs, health and wellness support, leave policies, company culture and more. This year's best of the best offer employees flexibility in the form of shifted schedules to accommodate school drop-off and pick-up, compressed workweeks that give workers longer weekends, job sharing, and "on- and off-ramp programs" that let employees take sabbaticals to care for a new baby or sick parent or go back to school while still maintaining office connections and skills.


This year's top 10 companies for working mothers are Bank of America, Deloitte, Discovery Communications, Ernst & Young, General Mills, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prudential Financial, TriHealth and WellStar. Click here to see detailed info on all of the companies that made this year's list.  


Now where is the comparable list for working dads?

The 100 best companies for working mothers
Flexibility and child care are this year's are the top criteria for Working Mother magazine's list of 100 best companies for working moms.