While browsing CNNMoney.com this morning an article caught my eye: “Where have all the women’s jobs gone?” In that article, Tami Luhby writes “The "mancession" has morphed into the "hecovery," leaving women workers largely in the dust. The share of adult women who are employed is lower than it was two years ago, while men have seen an upturn.”


I’ve heard the term mancession used before in reference to the fact that male workers were impacted more significantly during the Great Recession than females. This was the first time I’ve seen the term hecovery used and it definitely piqued my interest. Evidently the recovery is looking rosier for males and as Luhby reports, there are fewer adult women employed now than two years ago when the recovery was in its early stages.


According to Luhby, data from the National Women’s Law Center shows that only 12.3 percent of recovery-era new jobs were filled by female workers and low-income and older females have been hit the hardest by the “hecovery.”


With all of the “war on women” talk going on in political circles these days, I have to wonder if there is some merit to the topic.


I’d love to know what you think. Is the fact that women aren’t recovering as quickly from the Great Recession just another example of the problems that women in this country face today or just a coincidence?


The 'mancession' is now a 'hecovery'
Although females fared better during the Great Recession, they are having a more difficult time finding jobs now.