Want a local, homemade pie delivered to your front door, via bicycle, no less? Now you can have your fresh-baked pie and eat it, too — if you live in Seattle’s U-District or an adjacent neighborhood. A University of Washington student called Max is the owner, baker and delivery person for The Piecycle, a bicycle pie-delivery service.

"When I heard that he was delivering pie by bicycle, it was a short stop to me falling in love,” says a customer on the KOMO4 clip about Piecycle below.
Max apparently takes orders by text for his regular and vegan pies, then delivers them on Friday and Saturday nights for $3 a slice or $20 a pie!

Just reading The Piecycle’s Facebook page makes me drool. “Toffee S’mores (totes new recipe) and Vegan Ginger Pear. Crystalized the ginga mahself,” reads one of Max’ status updates last weekend. Yum.

[via Grist]

The Piecycle: Dessert delivered by bike
Seattle residents can get fresh-baked pies delivered to their doorstep -- by bicycle!