With unemployment figures reaching record highs, there is an increased demand on job listing websites like Monster and CareerBuilder.com.  However, green jobs are poised to play a major role in the rebound of the nation's economy and there are several quite popular niche jobs listing websites that cater to those looking to find a green job.

Green Careers Center

The Virginia-based Green Careers Center was formerly known as the Environmental Career Center and has been in business for more than 25 years.  The web site offers a regularly updated set of job listings but also gives employers the opportunity to list their green jobs.  In addition to the online job listings, the Green Careers Center publishes six journals a year that provide an even more comprehensive set of job listings as well as articles pertinent to green jobs.

Environmental Career Opportunities

The ECOjobs website allows green job hunters the ability to search by state or from one of eight different employment categories.  In addition to the more than 500 jobs listed, the site also publishes a list of environmental degree programs and environmental internships for those looking to get break into an in-demand green job.


The GreenJobs.com website went live in 2004 and focuses on renewable energy job opportunities around the world.  The mission of this California-based company is "to make it easy for talented individuals and renewable energy companies to find one another and to provide RE employers with the people and information they need to remain competitive." Source:  GreenJobs The website takes the niche market of green jobs and segments it into a renewable energy specialty site.

These three websites are just a few of the many sites that are dedicated to green jobs listings and may prove to be a valuable resource for those looking at obtaining a green job.

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Three popular green jobs sites help in the down economy
Search for a green job from the comfort of home.