Texas Instruments has been participating in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program for years. The company’s Richardson, Texas RFAB was the first LEED Gold certified semiconductor facility and since then, TI has continued its commitment to green building. With facilities around the world, TI’s sustainable building program is truly an international endeavor and the company’s assembly and test facility in Clark Zone, Philippines recently received a LEED Gold certification.

This new 780,000 square foot building is the first LEED Gold certified building in the Philippines. TI is also the owner of the first LEED certified building in the country, the Phase V expansion in Baguio City.

Located on the former USA Clark airbase, a variety of sustainable construction and design features were used including a reflective roof that also has a portion covered in vegetation, a comprehensive waste diversion program that allowed the company to prevent 96 percent of the construction waste from ending up in local landfills, the use of reclaimed water for toilet flushing, and easy access to mass transit.

The new Clark Zone facility brings TI’s total green building portfolio to over 2 million square feet of LEED certified buildings.

TI receives another LEED Gold certification
The Texas Instruments assembly and test facility in Clark Zone, Philippines recently earned LEED Gold certification.