went live in 2004, well ahead of the nationwide push for green jobs.  Many of the positions listed on the website focus on renewable energy and the company “exists to address the need for great people to fuel the growth of RE. We believe that the growth rate is so high in industries such as solar and wind that there is a real threat that growth could be stifled by lack of talent and we intend to ensure that this does not happen.”  Source:

Recently, Sarah Fister Gale of GreenBiz interviewed founder Peter Beadle.  The topic of the interview was tips and tricks to help people land that green job.  Beadle has more than 35 years of experience in the energy business and more than a decade of experience with renewable energy.  He takes this experience and shares it with the readers of

In the interview, Beadle discusses how easy today’s college students have it as universities around the world have renewable energy programs.  He also provides information on how today’s professionals, engineers, and others in the tech industry can make the switch to the renewable energy industry.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to a green job, head on over to and read Beadle’s interview for ideas on how to make your job search a successful one – Tricks of the Trade for Landing Green Jobs.

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Tips for green job hunters founder Peter Beadle shares his tips for securing a green job.