Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day. If you work at a company that allows your favorite four-legged companion to join you from time to time, then today is a great day to have Fido join you. Although bringing your dog to work with you can boost your productivity and ease stress, the day is actually dedicated to the topic of pet adoption.


Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWDay) began in 1999 as an effort by Pet Sitters International to increase awareness about the importance of pet adoption. Pets can be adopted from your local humane society, animal shelter or even breed-specific rescue clubs.


TYDTWDay has celebrated many milestones over the years. In 2003, more than 5,000 companies joined the fifth anniversary celebration. In 2005, more than 37,000 people visited the official TYDTWDay website to download information about the event.


This year the event organizers are celebrating with the release of the official Take Your Dog to Work Day Song. That’s right, a song that even includes barking, courtesy of Pip the Whippet. The song is available as a free download on the website.


If you take your dog to work with you today or anytime in the next month, take a cute picture and submit it to the 2012 Take Your Dog to Work Day photo contest. The contest is open until July 31, 2012, and the winner will receive $500 in cash as well as a $500 donation to their favorite animal shelter or pet rescue group.


Are you bringing your favorite four-legged canine friend to work with you today?


Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day
Boost your productivity and ease stress with Fido by your side. And take a photo of your doggie outing today or anytime this month. You might just win $500.