If the USGBC gets its wish, gone will be the days of one or two LEED certified buildings on America’s college campuses. Instead, all of our nation’s college campuses will adopt a more complete sustainability model within one generation. The USGBC has launched the Green Campus Campaign to help make this goal a reality.

The USGBC wants college administrators to know that greening their buildings isn’t cost-prohibitive and will lead to millions in savings over the building’s lifetime from energy and water use reduction. As sustainability is becoming more important to today’s youth, they will likely look at a school’s environmental record when making a decision about where to attend college. The USGBC’s Green Campus Campaign will help college institutions meet the increased demand for a sustainable focus.

Green college campus buildings can reduce the school’s overall operating costs, increase the value of the green buildings, and increase both college employee and student productivity levels. Green buildings are also healthier – not just for the environment but for the inhabitants.

To help promote the Green Campus Campaign, the U.S. Green Building Council is asking sustainability-minded college students to form a USGBC Student Group. These groups are made up of students that are interested in green building and design, not just those that are majoring in a related degree program.

For more information on the program, visit the USGBC’s Green Campus Campaign website.

Understanding the USGBC's Green Campus Campaign
The U.S. Green Building Council wants to see college campuses across the nation adopt a more complete sustainability model within the next generation.