Greenbuild 2010 officially kicked off today in Chicago and the U.S. Green Building Council got things started off right with the announcement of a new tool. The new tool, LEED Automation, will foster a more streamlined LEED certification process. The tool will allow the existing LEED Online system to work together with related third party programs.

LEED Automation is the first time that the USGBC has allowed third party software developers access to the LEED Online system. The green building organization hopes that this will be the first of many partnerships.

“LEED Automation allows USGBC and the technology companies to create multi-party interactions versus point-to-point communications between various software applications and IT systems,” said Scot Horst, Senior Vice President of LEED, USGBC. “This will make the LEED documentation and certification process much more intuitive, and enable our systems to talk to one another with the push of a button.” Source: USGBC

LEED Automation has three main functions:

  • Automate parts of the LEED documentation process
  • Allow customers to see a unified view of all of their LEED projects
  • Standardize LEED content for distribution across multiple platforms
Attendees of Greenbuild 2010 were able to attend a live LEED Automation Specialty Update onsite at the conference.
USGBC launches LEED Automation
The U.S. Green Building Council's newest tool, LEED Automation, fosters a more streamlined LEED certification process.