If you are interested in green building, and always think about ways to change the technical aspects of the rating systems, now is your chance. The USGBC has posted a LEED Call for Ideas that is free and open to anyone.

“This call is meant to provide a way for new ideas to be brought forward to help inform improvement to the LEED rating system. USGBC is looking for input on improving existing technical criteria, proposals for new credits and feedback on LEED's overall effectiveness and rigor. Comments regarding LEED's delivery model, certification process, pricing, etc., will not be considered as USGBC is looking for feedback specific to the technical requirements of the LEED rating system.“ Source: USGBC

The survey is available online and allows interested parties to make general or credit-specific comments. With the release of LEED v3 earlier this year, many of the credits were reworked to better address today’s green building trends and issues.

The USGBC overlooks nine different rating systems:

Projects can achieve one of four levels of certification, LEED Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Achieving even the entry level of LEED certification is not easy and buildings that reach LEED Platinum are often shining examples of green building.

To participate in the survey, follow this link: LEED Open Call for Ideas.

USGBC seeks feedback on LEED
The U.S. Green Building Council has opened a call for ideas regarding its LEED rating systems. The survey is open until August 7, 2009