The City of Seattle’s Green Jobs Initiative was created with a $20 million weatherization grant from the federal government. While this started off as good news for the city, it has turned into a bit of a public relations nightmare over the past few weeks.

Earlier this month, Vanessa Ho with wrote an article, Seattle’s ‘green jobs’ program a bust, criticizing the lackluster performance of the program. In all honesty, it is hard to not be concerned about the program after reading the story. Over the course of a year, only three homes have been retrofitted and only 14 new green jobs were created. Certainly $20 million could go a lot farther than that – and it will. Despite misleading headlines, the City of Seattle hasn’t emptied the weatherization project coffers and the program will remain active until 2013.

Now, the City of Seattle is getting a bit of a morale boost from green jobs advocate Van Jones. Yesterday, Jones posted about the city’s ordeal on the Sightline Daily blog - Community Power Works Is Just Getting Started.

“Seattle’s program is showing great promise. Four hospitals and 19 city buildings are already on the rolls for upgrades. Just four months into the Community Power Works for Home effort more than 350 homeowners have signed up for the program and momentum is building. Major projects scheduled for this fall will employ graduates from the Seattle Vocational Institute and South Seattle Community College.”

The brouhaha surrounding Seattle’s weatherization program is nothing more than another attempt by green jobs naysayers to get back into the news cycle.

Van Jones defends Seattle's green jobs initiative
After a flurry of reports bashing Seattle's green jobs initiative, Van Jones steps in to defend the program.