What are green jobs?

This seems like a simple question, but for many, it isn’t. Is a sales job with a solar company a green job? Most people would say yes. Is a telecommuting position a green job? You’ll likely get a good mix of yes and no answers to this question.

In a recent video interview with Lois Romano of the Washington Post, Van Jones answered the question, “What are green jobs?” Jones, the White House special advisor on Green Jobs, stated that the Obama administration defines green jobs as “good jobs that are good for the environment.”

So that sales position with a solar company is a green job. It also means that a telecommuting position may be considered a green job, as well.

The interview was conducted as part of a Washington Post series, The Obama Era: Voices of Power. In addition to discussing a green collar America, Jones also spoke on the topic of retrofitting the economy.

The Washington Post has interviewed several of Washington’s power players including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and Carol Browner.

Photo: Center for American Progress Action Fund

Van Jones defines green jobs
In a Washington Post video interview, Jones defines green jobs as 'good jobs that are good for the environment.'